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DIY Ladder pARTy

DIY Ladder pARTy

Join us for a special night to create this interchangeable ladder! There will be two ladder styles to choose from as well as six different tile sets. If you know the style and set you would like to make, you can indicated that in the description, if not, that's fine--you can make your choice at the pARTy! 

We will be offering instructions to create the ladder sets as they appear, but as always you are free to create with colors and styles of your own choosing. 

Each ladder set is $35 and includes 3 tiles. Additional tiles will be available for sale at the pARTy. 

If you have any questions, email Sara at beauchampsara@gmail.com. 

We are located at 318 N. Clinton Ave. Downtown, St. Johns!

You are welcome to bring in food and drinks (yes ANY kind of beverage!) Invite your friends for a fun night of creativity! 

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