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Oh Holy Night: Laser Cut Wood Wall Decor

Oh Holy Night: Laser Cut Wood Wall Decor

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This beautiful piece is made up of two layers. The bottom layer is made of maple and is engraved. The top layer is can be painted or stained. The layers are glued together. Despite being a double layered piece, this is light enough to hang with command strips. This piece measures 18 x 10.5, 

Custom verse, lyrics, poetry and more can be created.

This piece is also available in larger sizes.

32 x 19 inches, $60

40.5 x 23.5, $100

This design can be customized with different top layers, the bottom layer can also be left natural. For customization, please leave instructions in the comments or email Sara. 

More designs coming soon! 

Email Sara for details. beauchampsara@gmail.com.