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Hooks Ring Toss Game
Hooks Ring Toss Game
Hooks Ring Toss Game
Hooks Ring Toss Game

Hooks Ring Toss Game

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Hooks is a Hookey-like ring toss game. Each game comes with the game board and 12 rings, 6 of each color. 

Our boards come in three sizes: 

12" for $40

18" for $50

24" for $60

Currently we are offering three styles: 

  • Redwing Spirit
  • Michigan Great Lakes
  • Woodland Moose

Custom designs can be made for an additional fee of $5.00. 

Questions? Email or text Sara at or 906-362-5759. 

Allow 3-5 days for creation of your board. Pick up and local delivery available. 

Games to Play on a Hooks Board

Classic 101

The classic game played on a Hookey board is called 101. This is very similar to the 01 games played on a dartboard.

However, unlike the subtraction required in 301 and 501 darts, in this game you are adding up your points and trying to reach the score of 101.

Each player takes turns throwing 6 rings at the Hookey board. You tally up your points after each throw. If you hook all 6 rings in a single turn, you get an extra ring to throw.

The first player to reach a score of 101 wins the game.

Like an 01 game of darts, you must land on the exact number of 101 to win (of course, this would be 0 in darts).

If you exceed 101, you must subtract the points gained on that throw from your score. So, if you had 93 points and landed a 13, you’ve exceeded 101. You would then subtract 13 from your score. You now have 80 points.

You can throw the rest of your rings if you have any left for the turn.

Other Hooks Games

A Simple Game

Pick a number of points to play to. The first player to meet or exceed that score wins.

For example, you could pick 60 for the game. The first player to get 60 or more points wins. Nice and simple, and a good way to get started.

High Score Wins

In this game, each player tries to get as many points as possible with each 6-ring turn. The highest points total after three turns wins.

More Advanced

Round the Clock

This game is very similar to the dart game of around the world. 


This is a challenging game where each player tries to reach a score of 31 with as few rings as possible.

There’s a little math involved in this one.

For example, if you hit a 10 and 13, you would need an 8 to win (31 – 23). If you hit a 4 on your next toss, you would now need to land another 4 to reach 31.

If you land the 4, you’ve reached 31 in 4 tosses. Now your opponent tries to do it in three tosses.

As you can see, there are a lot of different games you can play on a Hooks board.

How to Set up Your Hooks Board

Unlike a regulation dartboard set up, there are no hard fast rules for set up. 

But there are some recommended guidelines offered by board manufacturers.

For children under 9, the recommended board height is 55” at the center. The throwing distance should be 60” from the board.

For adults and children over 9, the height of the board should be 60”, and the distance to the throwing line (aka “oche”) should be 70”.