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Full STEAM Ahead Birthday Celebration!

Full STEAM Ahead Birthday Celebration!

Celebrate your birthday with a custom Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematical pARTy! Full STEAM ahead is a one of a kind party that is customized for your science loving, creative, crafty kiddo! 

As a former teacher, Sara has a host of simple, fun, crafts that incorporate all sorts of science and art! We can work together to create a one of a kind birthday experience for your child. 

Full STEAM ahead pARTies start at $200 for up to 8 kids with an additional $15 per guest. 

pARty packages include:

3 hours of pARTy time, including time for food and gifts!

Choice of 2-4 (time dependent) activities

Personalized name sign for the Birthday child! 

This event can be customized based on age and interest of your child. Sara has experience with kids PreK and up! 

Some activities include: 

    • kaBOOm Bags (exploring gases, chemical reactions) (all ages)
    • Exploring Velocity with STRAW Art (velocity, wind, push/pull, color blending) (PreK-5th)
    • UNPLUGGED Coding Activities (PreK-3rd)
    • Oil Resist Tessellation Art (3rd grade and UP)
    • UNPLUGGED Coding: Algorithms (PreK-6th)
    • Candy Chemistry! (Dependent variables, Independent variables, Controlled Variables) (3rd and up)
    • Sharpie Art with Science (solubility, solute, solvent, soluble, insoluble, hydrophobic)
    • Fibonacci Art (4th and up)


Contact Sara at or call her at 906-362-5759 and create a custom party for your science loving kiddo today! 

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